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        Le Monde est à Nous! by Marie-laure Daillut - Specialty blogging featuring the latest trends and fashions for women who live free through fashion, art, music and travel. LMEAN! has an acute appreciation for boho chic trends, she creates beautiful and inspiring content on her Journal & Instagram account.

        With over 80K followers, the gypsy women showcases her photography and styling prowess across all social platforms.LE MONDE EST A NOUS! A place for work and play all over the world!

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        Hossegor / France

        Artist, nutritionist, model & founder of the blog "The world is ours", Marie-laure Daillut is interested in the fashion of free women, who want to escape the banality of life through art, music, creativity and traveling.

        "Feminist, bohemian and inventive, I thirst for freedom and passions by traveling the world, immersing myself in nature, celebrating femininity through fashion and my creations. I am a fervent protector of the well-being of body and soul. This way of celebrating life, biting it with teeth, thinking that everything is possible, that every corner of the horizon belongs to us!" Marie-laure Daillut, founder of Le Monde est à Nous!

        In 2006 Marie-laure founded this blog, a creative studio and shop, to expand on, her love for scouting out beautiful items. « Wall of Love », a collection of vintage clothes, accessories and fleamarket finds throughout the world for the modern bohemian who embraces surf culture and good vibes. A seasonal DIY box « The worlds is a kit, make it! » with treasures found all over the world and an beautiful planner « The Report Book » to collect moments of happiness and healthy life!

        She is currently writing her first book entirely devoted to femininity and her lifestyle. In a few weeks, she will be sharing wellness workshops with her community in her house in the middle of the Landes forest in Hossegor, France.

        MAJ May 2018